Why Free Consultancy

I have been thinking for quite a while as to what shall I do in my post retirement life, starting from coming September 2016. Well I shall have to do something to keep myself busy, if nothing else then, for the sake of my mental and physical health.

As is said that one should do what one is best at. It is the same thing that one enjoys doing. As is indicated on the home page, I have reasonable degree of experience in various aviation fields such as Air Traffic Control Services, Airport Management, and Air Transport and Economic Oversight, not to mention military flying training on four types of fixed wing aircraft and two types of helicopters. I enjoyed working in Civil Aviation because each of the assignments offered great challenges and, therefore, opportunity for creativity and innovation.

However, my experience of developing Economic Oversight and Consumer Protection Departments in CAA as well as National Aviation Policy was most satisfying experience of my life. Generating Annual Reports on Financial and Operational analysis of National Airlines, charter Operators, and aviation schools took was even more satisfying experience. The insight into the dynamics of aviation business afforded an opportunity to scrutinize start up airlines business plans and proforma accounts statements. To my surprise I found them far removed from reality.

Giving useful advice to prospective entrepreneurs in terms of market conditions, Operating restrictions, cost of operations, and operating margins sometimes upset the applicants while it also resulted in paradigm shift some cases.

I also realized that many of the applicants were unaware of the dangers of this unchartered territory. And that in some cases their vision of aviation business was almost delusional. I also realized that romanticism attached with the airline business turns the investors almost blind to the ground realities, that it is perhaps the riskiest and most capital extensive business in the world. This situation is fully exploited by some Pseudo  industry experts to create some lucrative position for themselves in the upcoming enterprise. There are many bleeding wounds in the market who got swayed by their compelling ambition to own an airline.

This, however, does not mean that Aviation Business is an absolute minefield for the start up airlines. One must be reasonably aware of its complex dynamics, with highly professional and experienced team and more important be ready to lose a lot of money in the first few years starting the business. After all there are hundreds of successful aviation business enterprises that are surviving and thriving. Therefore, it is advisable that one should step into this business cautiously, with some sort of advice from genuine experts, particularly when it comes free.